Carol has been practicing for the past two years in Halifax as a Registered Massage Therapist and has gained experience working on a variety of conditions in a clinical setting.
Some of the conditions she has treated are Arthritis, Temporomadibular dysfunction, Piriformis syndrome, tension headaches and many others.

Before receiving her education as a massage therapist, Carol completed a diploma in mental health and addictions counselling.  Her knowledge gives her a greater understanding of health challenges and she believes massage can assist in the healing/ recovering process.

Carol has also been involved in cheerleading for 9 years now and has seen and experienced injuries herself so sports injuries are another thing to check off her list of things she likes to do.

Carol is passionate about helping relieve any pain you’re having while also helping you relieve stress. Her treatments are focused on client wants and needs while also being safe and giving the most benefit out of every treatment.