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What is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping therapy is the act of using negative pressure (suction) to lift the soft tissues of the body. This draws rigid connective tissue and muscle away from underlying structures, and pulls built up stagnate blood, metabolic waste and other fluids to the surface of the body. Cups can be made out of silicone, rubber, glass, or even bamboo and can be left in place or applied and moved along the body. This treatment is mixed in with our therapeutic massages when requested at booking.

Decreased muscle tension.
Myofascial release – More effective, less painful, and quicker than other myofascial techniques.
Increased benefits of traditional massage.
Increased flexibility and sports performance.
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Applicable Conditions & Symptoms

TMJ disorder
Muscle spasms
Myofascial Pain
Trigger points
Rotator cuff injuries
Plantar Fasciitis
TFL/IT band syndrome
Postural abnormalities
Scar Tissue
Lower back pain
Fibromyalgia pain
General muscle pain
Swelling caused by decreased lymph flow
Sinus congestion

We Direct Bill to Most Insurance Providers

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